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Afghan Trade Mark Law (Full Text)


Trade marks and service marks are registered in Afghanistan under jurisdiction of the Afghan Courts. A duly filled application alongwith the duly notarized/legalized Power of Attorney is submitted to the Courts on behalf of the Client, where an entry is made in the books of the Courts. The Courts then writes a letter to the publisher of the Official Gazette to announce the intention of registration of the mark in the name of the applicant. The announcement is published in the Official Gazette upon its turn and after payment of official fees. Once published in the Official Gazette, the corresponding officer of the publishing office sends a copy of the Gazette to the Courts. Further fees are paid at this instant and thereafter, in case there are no other objections to the registration, Court orders final publication of the mark in the Official Gazette. Such publication records registration number, filing and registration date and name/address of the applicants. Once published in the Gazette, the Court prepares the Registration Certificate. Once registered, a mark is to be renewed every 10 years from the date of the registration. 305 Amber Estate - Shahrah-e-Faisal - Karachi 75350 - Pakistan